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New To ME! Take 2

So remember a few weeks ago I went to a consignment store and walked out with 3 DVF wraps?  Yeah…

Anyhoo, here’s the second one in action.  It’s finally cool enough to wear long sleeves so I threw it on. 


Rockin’ it with some gold jewelry…maybe I need to expand my gold jewelry closet a bit?  I just can’t get enough of my Michael Kors watch!!

And I’m totes lovin’ these pumps…MISSONI for Target!  Word!

(yep.  Those are fishnets.  This building is just too cold to not have something on my legs!)

Many thanks to East of Town once again for her master photo skills!

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Casual Friday

So, it’s Friday and I’m leaving after work for a retreat.  I wanted to wear something comfortable for the drive but that was still work appropriate for a Friday. 

I bought these olive pants at J.Crew a few weeks ago and I’m LOVING them.  They are so super comfortable that I’m thinking I need to own them in all colors.  I’m also totally diggin the pink/olive combo.

A little arm party is always a must!!

And I love these shoes for traipsing around in.  Comfortable and stylish.  I’m sorry, but sometimes it’s really hard to do heels on a Friday.  I’m tired of being so bound.

(Like my super nice government carpet?!)

Shirt & Pants: J.Crew; Shoes: Anne Klein via Belk; Watch: Michael Kors; Double Ring: Erica Anenberg via; Bracelets: vintage from my mother.

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Casual/Look-Like-a-12-year-old-Boy Fridays

I love Fridays at work. It’s like the day of the week where I don’t have to look super businessy and I usually use it as an opportunity to be a bit more daring in my wardrobe. It’s friday!

However, there are some people who take casual Fridays to mean, “oh great! I get to look like a slob!” Uh, no you don’t and I’m totally offended to be seen around you. Here are some no-no’s for casual Friday.

Mom Jeans



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New To ME!

I tried out a new consignment boutique yesterday (Dress in Raleigh) and fell in love!  I’ve been in them before but long before I got super into fashion.  Yesterday, I could’ve blown a paycheck.  Instead, I walked out with three DVF wrap dresses.  So sue me!

I paired them with some funky heels courtesy of ShoeDazzle (Thanks Kim Kardashian!)

And because I like to be goofy at work…

Thanks to East of Town for her master photography skills!!

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Last Days of Summer

With Irene quickly approaching I am reminded that fall is just around the corner and I’m not ready.  I love summer, especially in the South.  Call me crazy but I love the heat.  You know it’s hot so getting dressed is so easy.  Slip on a summer dress and a pair of sandals and you’re ready to go.  Plus, I love how I look a bit thinner with a tan.

I decided to pull out one of my favorite summer dresses before it must retire for the season.

Please ignore my closed eyes…thanks!  I got this dress from about a year ago and luuurrrvve it!  The color is so very summeryand I’m in love with the neck detail.  And if anyone knows me, they know I pair anything with large jewelry such as the watch you see.  Really, it could be bigger.